Tax-Free Wealth

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on Corporate and Small Business Taxes, expanded and updated for Federal Tax Reform.


Learn to build generational wealth by permanently lowering your taxes.

Tax-Free Wealth

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Tax-Free Wealth by Tom Wheelwright® guides readers to leverage tax laws to their advantage and build substantial wealth. In this revised and updated edition, Tom incorporates the latest tax reforms and strategies to help individuals and businesses maximize their tax savings.

Learn The Tax-Secrets Of The Super Wealthy

Learn Tax-Secrets Of The Super Wealthy

Taxes don’t have to be a burden. Understanding the tax code and implementing intelligent strategies can significantly reduce tax liabilities.

Legally Slash Your Taxes

Legally Slash Your Taxes

Tax-free wealth is not a myth. You can build substantial wealth over time by taking advantage of tax-advantaged strategies.
Massively Multiply Your Wealth

Massively Multiply Your Wealth

This book empowers you to take control of your financial future by making informed tax decisions.

Tom Wheelwright

Hi, I’m Tom Wheelwright,

And I have a simple message that will change your life… just like it’s changed my life, and THOUSANDS of others’ around the world.

Taxes can make you rich.

It’s true. But most people don’t believe me at first. And here’s why… Everything you’ve ever learned about taxes is wrong.

Tom Wheelwright



Most people think the tax law is a ball and chain, meant to rob you of your hard-earned money. Wrong.

The tax law is a series of incentives that can make you rich (faster than you ever thought possible).

Most people think that the more money you make, the more taxes you must pay. Wrong.

How you make your money and what you do with your money is more important than how much you make.

Most people think the government wants you to be poor and pay more taxes. Wrong.

The government WANTS you to pay less taxes and become rich.

Most tax advisors (including 99% of CPAs) think the only way to pay less tax is to make less money. Wrong.

The way to pay less taxes is to understand the tax law and actively partner with the government.

Most people think that the only way to pay little-to-nothing in taxes is to cheat. Wrong.

You can legally, permanently (and easily) reduce your taxes. Let me show you how.

quotation Tom is a team player that anyone who wants to be rich needs to add to his team.

Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad

quotation Tom Wheelwright® is unlike any accountant I’ve ever known. He actually makes taxes fun! Tax-Free Wealth takes the tax law and turns it into an easy-to-understand roadmap for reducing — and even eliminating — taxes. It’s a must-read for every financial grownup.

Bobbi Rebell
Host of The Financial Grownup Podcast

quotation Taxes can feel frustratingly complex. But what if it didn’t have to be that way? Tax-Free Wealth shatters the myth that tax benefits are only for the 1% and reveals how anyone can use the tax law as a powerful tool for creating wealth.

David Morrell
Host of Run GPG Podcast

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Tax-Free Wealth

How the “complex” tax code is designed to help you get rich.


Simple strategies to protect your assets and your family.


Why investors and entrepreneurs get special tax advantages that others cannot enjoy.


How to never fear an audit… and how to survive one.


How to use your tax savings to build tremendous wealth.

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