Tom Wheelwright, CPA

Hi, I’m Tom Wheelwright, CPA.

And for years, I’ve been helping people change how they think about taxes.

As a bestselling author, Robert Kiyosaki’s personal tax advisor, wealth education innovator, and internationally renowned tax expert, I’ve had the chance to meet thousands of people around the world…

And they all want to keep as much of their money as they can while paying as little in taxes as possible.

The problem is that the tax law can seem incredibly confusing and totally overwhelming.

As a result, most people (including accountants) think about taxes totally wrong, and this results in them paying way too much in taxes, and sabotaging their wealth journey.

Here’s the reality: the tax law is a series of incentives which–if you know how to use it–can make you rich.

And I’ve dedicated my career to helping people understand the tax law and turn it into their ticket to massive wealth.

That’s what the book Tax-Free Wealth is all about.

Changing the way you think about taxes

Dramatically reducing your tax burden

Using those savings to massively multiply your wealth

So if you haven’t already, get the book, and let me know what you think.

Ready to apply these concepts to your life and business?

Check out my new company, WealthAbility™.

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